RHJ Rail is a large home layout and is a freelanced model railroad influenced by western Canadian railroad operations.

It is a busy mainline railroad and its operations frequently include long trains as necessary to keep up with customer demands. Due to the recent downturn in the economy, things have been a bit slow lately. One the positive side, this has allowed the railroad to acquire a few locomotives and some rolling stock from other lines at very reasonable cost!

Special design features include automatic train control using JMRI (a open-source computer interface) and custom-developed scripts to run trains and special effects.

To view scenes from the layout as it was developed over the years, see LAYOUT OVER THE YEARS

Calgary Yard - June 26, 2011

One of the goals is to collect, preserve and restore railroad equipment of historical significance.

Calgary East - June 26, 2011

Special effects are also a major feature of the layout. During the month or so leading up to Christmas, the RHJ Rail Christmas Holiday Train traverses the layout, stopping at various locations and presenting a performance of seasonally appropriate music.

Stage Car on the Christmas Holiday Train

A more detailed description is available under LAYOUT DESCRIPTION

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RHJ Rail is owned and operated by Richard H. Johnson
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