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RHJ Rail

Layout by Richard H. Johnson

RHJ Rail hosted a layout tour for members of the Calgary Model Railway Society. To view a copy of the handout provided at that event, cick here.

RHJ Rail is a large home layout and is a freelanced model railroad influenced by Western Canadian railroad operations. One of its goals is to collect, preserve and restore railroad equipment of historical significance.

RHJ Rail has continued the development of automatic train control incorporating long trains, special effects, sound, animation, music and lighting as enhancements to the layout. Passenger trains form a significant portion of the scheduled and extra trains run on this layout and include trains from a century ago right up to modern excursion and tourist trains.

The implementation of a new telegraph system on RHJ Rail allows telegraph messages to be sent automatically to any of four stations on the layout. In addition, this telegraph device can be used to receive customized messages as if they were sent a century ago. more...

To see what we've been working on lately, see RECENT DEVELOPMENTS.

For details on how all this works, see TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION

For photos of the history and development of the layout, see LAYOUT OVER THE YEARS

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